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Gold Seagull Prize Introduction

The "Golden Seagull Award" is an "Award" set for the Asia New Media Film Festival. The Asian New Media Film Festival aims to encourage and support creating  new media film and television creatives, promote the sustainable development of the new media film and television industry, focus on flourishing the new media film industry, and pay attention to the development of new media filmmakers. To this end, special "Golden Seagull Awards" are set up. The “Golden Seagull Awards” are selected in accordance with the international film selection criteria. The “Golden Seagull Award” awards include four links: video registration, finalists nominations, rating, and awards. The Asian New Media Film Festival Organizing Committee has participated in collecting excellent new media films . The Selection Committee selects the "Golden Seagull Award" as the finalist for the film. The Jury Award Committee selects the "Golden Seagull Award" according to the constitution.


Gathering the essence among the new media and film and television throughout Asian , it reflects the international perspective and highlights the humanistic feelings. Each film festival will send invitations to a number of prestigious filmmakers who contributes to the industry, and finally confirms the jury members for the “Golden Seagull Award”. The “Golden Seagull Award” has always upheld the principles of fairness,and openness. The entire selection process is open and transparent, providing the industry’s filmmakers with an absolutely balanced platform. The Gold Seagull Award currently has a total of four units, including new media awards such as Web Films, Web Series, VR Film, and Short Film. Until 2017, a total two-class "Golden Seagull Awards" have been awarded, which has made a huge historical contribution to promote the new media and film and television industry in Asian.