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First Prize Winner List


Web series

The Best Web series "Finding Soul"

The Best Director Yi Xiaoxing ("I Never Thought")

The Best Actor Bai Ke ("I Never Thought")

The Best Actress Zhang Xinyu ("Revive")

The Best Adapted Screenplay Yang Zhe ("Ten Deadly Sins")

The Best Original Screenplay Wang Zheng ("Fantastic Kacha")

Best Photography Bai Jingquan ("Go Princess Go")

The Most Popular Web series "Illegal Crime"


Web films

The Best Movie "Veteran"

The Best Director Liu Defu ("HEUKSEOK KIDS")

The Best Actor Jin Shijie ("Veteran")

The Best Actress Wang Yilin ("HEUKSEOK KIDS")

The Best screenwriter "Stay there! Don't run!

The Best Photography "Boy in red"

The Best Editing "Hot Dancer Spirit"

The Best Innovation Movie "My Lady Teacher"

The Most Popular Web Movie "Dreams of the Deep Palace"

The Most Popular Male Actor, Lin Jiadong ("Love forever")

The Most Popular Actress Zhou Xiuna ("My Best Goddess")

Short videos

The Best Movie (Movie) "Never Snowing Night"

The Best Director (Video) "The Onchid Season"

The Best Screenplay (Movie) "Faces Waiting Room"

The Best Public Interest Short Film "Twenty-four Filial Piety"

The Best VR Movie "Live to the End"

The Best Documentary "Run Boy Run"

The Best Animated Short Film “Looney bean

Net Drama Jury Award "Ten Sins"

The Best Production Award "Great Feng Shui Master"

New Media Film Jury Award "Mr. Yin Yang's Last Master"


New Media Content Eco-Innovation Award (LeTV)

New Media Industry [Most Influential Brand Award]

Sanrenhe Media

Great Pictures

Hot Network


IFG Internet Movie Group

Bali Media

Odd Tree Fish

MSI Imaging Media


New Studios Media Co., Ltd