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First Prize Winner List


Web films

The Best Movie "The Old Nine Doors Out of February Flowers"

The Best Screenplay Nanpai Uncle ("The Old Nine Doors Out of February Flowers")

The Best Director Zeng Xiaoyu ("Xi Shi Biography")

The Best Hits Movie " Fight Against Buddha"

The Best Actor Chen Haomin (" Fight Against Buddha")

The Best Actress Nan Sheng ("Realm of the Immortals")

The Most Popular Actress Wang Meiren ("The Old Nine Doors Out of Heng River Kill Trees ")

The Most Popular Actor Wen Zhuo ("The Spirit of the Hunter of the Hunt")

The Best Photography (The Miscellaneous Manuscripts - The Butterfly's Trick)



Web series

The Best Web series("Detective Samoyeds")

The Best Actor Xu Haiqiao ("Detective Samoyeds")

Best Hits Movie "Candle in the tomb"

Best Director Hong Jinpo, Liang Guobin ("Infernal Affairs")

Best Adapted Screenplay Ou Guanying "Infernal Affairs"

The Best Original Screenplay Zhang Yuanang "Falling Down 2"

Best Actress Tan Songyun ("The Fox's Summer")

The Most Popular Actor Jiang Chao ("The Fox's Summer")

The Most Popular Actress Yang Rong ("Beauty is Stuffing 3")

The Best Photography Above the Clouds


Short videos

The Best Public Interest Video "Life Is No Difference"

The Best Movie "No Count"

The Best Director Zhang Nan "The Last Ten Meters"

The Best Screenplay Wang Qiang "Stars in the Sky"


VR unit:

The Best VR Production Award“See You Tomorrow”

The Best VR Creativity Award Free Whale


Special awards:

The Best Team Making Award   New Studio

The Jury Best Quality Award Special suspects

The Jury Award “Candle in the tomb”