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The Date of The 3rd Golden Seagull International New Media Film Festival Has Bee
    2018年09月04日 19:01

The date of The 3rd Golden Seagull International New Media Film Festival hosted by Network Film and Television Centre of Communist Youth League Central Committee and China Film Association New Media Institute of Communication University of China has been confirmed before last Sunday. The film festival will be held at Lang Yuan Vintage and Starpark in Beijing during September 26th to 29th ,2018, organized by Struggle Film Co.,Ltd., co-organized by China Youth Media Culture and Lang Yuan Vintage.


Since was founded in 2016, Golden Seagull International New Media Film Festival has always take the idea of awarding outstanding works of the year and supporting young creators, and will continue to explore high-quality creative talents for new media film and television industry through forms like The Eve, The Award Ceremony and New Media Film Summit.


The Eve section this time will not only have the starry red carpet, but also award high-quality short films, short videos and great creators as well as encourage potential young filmmakers through the V Power and The Most IN units.


New Media Film Summit is an independent brand of Golden Seagull International New Media Film Festival which covers IP MarketAnnual Figures“Themed Salon”“Investment and Financing Forum” and many other units, aims to pay attention to the needs of the New Media Film and Television Industry, and help the New Media Film and Television Industry to develop in a benign way based on the current situation of the New Media Film and Television Industry.

Golden Seagull continue pays attention to creative teams and high-quality IP, and is supposed to establish an world-class and professional plateform of exchange and trading through the bridge of Golden Seagull International New Media Film Festival in order to promote high-quality cooperation. Meanwhile, Golden Seagull will explore and support great young creators and bring fresh blood to new media film and television industry through publishing annual figures list and round table summits.


During New Media Film Summit, Golden Seagull will focus on spotlights of new media film and television industry, create a grand banquet for new media filmmakers through Themed SalonRound Table Forum” and Themed Sppech and inviting industry authorities to have discussions about the present situation and future development trend of new media film and television industry.


 Golden Seagull International New Media Film Festival has followed an annual commendation part since it was founded. At that time, senior jury members will select Golden Seagull Awards winners of 2017-2018 in the most authoritative, the most professional, and the most fair way. The chairman of Golden Seagull jury will be Wen Jun, famous director, screenwriter and executive producer, Wu Manfang, the dean of the School of Management from Beijing Film Academy has taken up the post of co-chairman, and Bai Yicong, famous producer and screenwriter, Xiao Fei, famous producer and CEO of Up Pictures, famous writer Tianxiabachang and Nattawut Poonpiriya are also committee members.

It is reported that there will be more than 20 Golden Seagull Awards this time, which cover awards of Network FilmNetwork DramaThe Jury Committee and many other units. Until the deadline of dispatch, there has already been thousands of movies signed up for the competition, and after the strict selection, here is the finalist:

Network Drama Unit: Story of Yanxi Palace, “Dune Sea”The East Wall StreetDay and NightBurning IceGrowling Tiger, Roaring DragonThe Tomb of Ghost Blows Out the LightImagine Me Without You“Achelous”Women In Beijing“A love so beautiful”“Line Walker IIDeep In The Realm Of Conscience“Flying Tiger”“Let's Shake it”“The Unlawful Justice Squad”Spring Breeze Ten Miles“Kill Me Heal Me”“Bloody Romance”“Women In Shanghai”, "Take My Brother Away", “Agni Cantabile”“OCTB”MHuckleberry Friends”“Suddenly This Summer”“Moonshine and Valentine”“Accidentally in love”“Zhong Kui's Monster Hunt”Yun Xi Zhuan“Oh My General”“Hero's Dream”“Smile”“The Eternal Love”“Swords of Legends II“Candle In The Tomb: Strange Thing In The Field“Rookie Time”“Colourful Bone”“Rakshasa Street”“ Stand by Me IIMy 200-Thousand-Year-Old Classmate, “The secret dragon in the abyss”Love StoryThe Legend of Dugu 


Network Film Unit: “Daddy”The Guilt IThe Guilt IIThe Guilt IIIRakshasa WitchManjusakaQi Tian Da Sheng“Assassins of Brotherhood”Listen To YouFa HaiFantasy Of Three Kingdoms I“The Deal of Time”“The dinner at 11”Chinese MadamBiao Ge Chuang Feng Tian“Mercenary War”“Fantasy Of Three Kingdoms II“Berserk”Bao Long Yi Zu“Strange Thing In The Field: The Fairy EyeRecontrollerYue Ying Jiang Hu ISleeping DetectiveThe Legend Of Yang JianDetective Story“The Legend of Earth Traveler Sun”Ghostmist IslandThe War Records Of DeificationIm From The NortheastSuan Si Shi“The Unity Of Heros”Zhang San FengSupernatural EventsSpecial Mission“Big Mao”Young Detective Dee Of Killing EyeFu Yao·Bai Yu Zhen“Sword of Destiny I“Rapid Cycling”Visionary LoveImmortal&DemonsRevenge By MagicTime WalkerDeadly Treasure Hunt“Lost in Time”“Fairy Tale of Love”Da Tang Yao Wu ZhiGolden Triangle RescueZhen Mo SiGoal! Girls“Subconscious Cutter”Iron Palm“Chosen”The Demon Of Disloyalty“All Cloud”Return Of Wu Kong“Imperial Kitchen God”“Young Summer”Side Story Of Dune Sea: The Mussel ManBurning Summer:Illustrating“Good Bye To Romance”“Strange Thing In The Field: Gold LeopardBlood Fist“Zhong Kui's Monster Hunt: Nightmare LegendBorder Drugs WarFrenzy AreaDao Qing Chun 1997“The Gracefully Dancing Girl”Bad DaughterMy Deskmate Is A Super ScholarMysterious RaidersCang Feng