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IP Market of Golden Seagull International New Media Film Festival May Be The Way
    2018年09月12日 18:28

With the popularity of the visual trend of literature IP in recent years, network literature IP has become an important part of film and TV drama with its rich types and full-of-flow feature. But the situation of winning both public praise and market is still in the minority although there have been plenty of visual network literature IP.


After a brutal growth period of 2015-2016, new media film and television has already saw in the adjustment of government policy in 2017, and the whole industry has started to go on a rational development trend after experiencing the cooling-off period

In addition, with the introduction of many supervision policies in the first half of 2018, the production of new media film and television is becoming more standardized and market-oriented. Meanwhile, how to create more good works with the combination of network literature IP and film and television has also become the first question of the industry.


The 3rd Golden Seagull International New Media Film Festival being held at Lang Yuan Vintage and Starpark in Beijing from September 26 to September 29, 2018 is an annual new media film and television feast. Since foundation, Golden Seagull has always focused on the deep cultivation of the new media film and television industry and gathering industry high-quality resources. It has been devoted to create the most authoritatively international, standardized, diversified trading and exchange platform, and finally achieve the goal of shaping the new media film and television closed industry chain.

As an important part of the new media film summit, "IP Market" has always focused on the hot issues such as the development of high-quality IP and the cultivation of high-quality creative teams in the development of new media film and television, with "Golden Seagull" as the platform, and has provided assistance for the promotion of film and television IP ecological healthy development.


The "IP Market" covers many sections, such as the publication of the top 100 list of IP, the literature IP project roadshow, the panel discussion, and so on. At that time, 100 high-quality IP works will be selected recommended through more than 20 IP platforms by solicitation, first instance and final appeal.

IP project roadshow will be held on the spot, where high-quality network literature IP can show their own characteristics, and find high-fit partners relying on the powerful resources and flow of the film festival, in order to realize resource accumulation and even the network literature IP visual cooperation.

In addition, the panel discussion, themed salon and other sections set up during the "IP Market" will invite industry authorities to discuss and share about the current situation and development trend of IP film and television in order to guide and control the project of literature IP film and television, and share experience and suggestions of network literature IP film and television of with the young creators of the new era.

The 3rd Golden Seagull International New Media Film Festival will be held at Lang Yuan Vintage in Beijing from September 27 to 28, 2018. All the insiders are welcomed to the scene to witness the cutting-edge dialogue of authoritative personages of the industry.