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New Media Alliance Overview


"New Media Film Industry Alliance" was established on July 10, 2017 in Shenzhen, China. It was jointly initiated by Linghe Culture (created by Bai Yicong, the producer of "Web series") and the New Studio (original video community ,the company that serves the Internet film and television)), IFG Internet Movie Group (The largest movie and entertainment group based on Internet and mobile Internet platforms in China), and Beijing Struggle Film Co.,Ltd (a new media company integrating production, distribution, investment, and planning ) ), Yingmei Media (a three-cycle financing digital internet company), Up Film (a comprehensive film company focusing on the development and production of suspense-exploration movie projects), Entgroup (the first entertainment industry research institution in China)and other seven governing units.


The New Media Film and TV Industry Alliance is a non-profit organization based on the new media market environment, and it is the first non-profit organization built by the top-notch Asian film and television production companies and senior film and television creators.


The New Media Film and TV Industry Alliance is the most authoritative industry organization in the new media and film and television field. It is committed to creating industry standards, developing quality content, and gathering industry resources. It is the vane for developing the new media and film and television industry.